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Two Horse Assateague Island, USA, 2000

Item# SCVIEW716510

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Two Horse Assateague Island, USA, 2000

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Postcard, 4 by 6 , Chrome, Ex The horse species is commonly subdivided into horses and ponies. This distinction, made both on per-breed or per-individual basis, is sometimes a matter of disagreement. Though commonly called Chincoteague Ponies , these animals are arguably horses. The National Park Service provides information about these animals through brochures and internet[1]. Made famous by Marguerite Henry in her book Misty of Chincoteague, generations of visitors make the pilgrimage each year to see these wonderful creatures. The Maryland horses are owned and managed by the National Park Service who have carefully followed the population over generations. In Virginia, these horses are owned by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department. Once a year in July, salt water cowboys round up the Chincoteague ponies for auction on Pony Penning Day. The Maryland and Virginia horses are kept apart by fencing at the border between the two states.

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