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Vincent's Motorola Match Cover # 12126027



Vincent's Motorola Match Cover  # 12126027

Seller: Joseph Comeau, Uncle Joe's Emporium, MAINE, US     Log in to ask the seller a question

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Price: $2.25

Shipping/Handling charge in the U.S.: $1.75


Condition: Good

I can ONLY Ship Match Covers and Match Boxes with Matches still in them to Destinations in the United States.

For International Destinations, I Will Remove All Matches Before I Ship Them to You.

About 65% of the Match Covers that I have, Already have Had Their Matches Removed.

The Postage Prices Listed Below, Include Handling, are For Match Covers and Match Boxes.

Yes, If you have Ordered more than 1 Item,
I will combine them to Reduce Your Postage Expense!

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8 to 30 $2.75 8 to 30 $4.00 8 to 30 $6.00
31 to 70 $3.75 31 to 70 $6.00 31 to 70 $10.00
71 to 100 $5.50 71 to 100 $12.95 71 to 100 $16.95
Over 100 FREE Over 175 FREE Over 250 Inquire


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