Postcard & Collectibles News Edited by Ron Playle 2018-05-11T03:55:50Z Serendipity 2.1.2 - en Ron Playle 2015-03-24T12:10:00Z 2018-05-11T03:55:50Z 0 Winfield Kansas postcard history a mother/daughter labor of love Beverley Olson Buller said it was her dad, the late Dr. Bob Olson, who started her mother Loyette on her hobby of collecting postcards. By the time Loyette died in February 2014, she had collected hundreds, probably thousands, of postcards. Now Buller, a Newton resident raised in Winfield with her sister Mary Olson Beach, has just published a book of Loyette’s postcards, “Winfield,” one of the Postcard History Series from Arcadia Publishing. 

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