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Playle's Auction Software

We have been asked many times about the software used on our site: where we got it, who designed it, and if it's for sale.  Our software is proprietary. It was designed, developed, and written from scratch by Playle's Auctions. It has been used "under fire" since October 1, 1997 - tweaked, debugged, and constantly improved. We do not sell our software. Instead, we use our software to host auctions for other companies, dealers, and websites. Playle's offer a complete Auction Hosting Service with many options.

Internet Auction Hosting
Playle's provides complete Internet Auction hosting services for Business to Business, and Business to Consumer auctions.  We don't sell "canned" auction software, we customize our software to fit your organizations needs and host the auction on our secure dedicated server.  The auction can be "branded" with your company's name, logo, and content, and integrated to your website.  We will provide continuing technical support, ongoing improvements, and new feature development. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.  For more information contact

Simplify Your Organization's Purchasing Process
Playle's auction software can help automate and simplify your organizations purchasing process.  We can create a private web site dedicated to your company's exclusive use, customized with your logos and content, and hosted on Playle's secure server.  You develop the bidding specifications for any material, good, or services to be purchased, upload the attachments to the web site, then invite your suppliers to the bidding event.  Your vendors enter bids directly into a competitive "real-time" bidding environment, this helps achieve the best prices in minutes instead of waiting weeks for paper bids to be returned.  Advanced features makes it very easy to use and a powerful asset to add to the toolbox of anyone in purchasing or procurement.  All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

For more information and pricing please contact Doug Playle at