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What Others Say About Playle's Online Auction

People form opinions of what is good and bad by what they hear, read, or experience. Since 1997, we at Playle's have been working to provide Internet users with a user-friendly site on which to buy and sell old postcards, old stamps, postal history, antiques and collectibles.  We would like to share with you some of the unsolicited testimonials we have received from users like yourself who heard about us, visited our site, and formed their opinions.

  • Dear Ron & Linda ~ I simply wanted to get off an email to tell you that your auctions are the most pleasant & ONLY auction I participate in online. Your service is nonpareil. The postcards are in superb condition and they arrive sometimes in one or two days. It is always a joy dealing with you, an easy & delightful experience. You are the best & I've wanted to give you the kudos for a long time. Thanks for all you do for our hobby! - L.I., Florida
  • You know, it amazes me that you have something the "large site" didn't think they needed, the ability for a dealer to search in their "selling manager" (called Seller Tools on your site) by titles AND descriptions. I have stuff on the other site I need to edit, send to auction, or delete that I cannot pull up by focusing on a key phrase in my description. Their editing is clumsy at best, and SLOW. Yours is fast and easy. - K.L., Pennsylvania
  • Being an old goat that resists change of any kind, I think I finally got it, proving once again you can teach an old dog a new trick! Your new format and tools are great! - B.M., Connecticut
  • By the way, I'm seeing a definite increase in winning bids from the wonderfully designed new site. - B.B., New York
  • Your customer service is impeccable; thank you. - R.A., Tennessee
  • I have to tell you...I could barely believe my eyes when I checked out the "new look" earlier this week! I'm VERY impressed to be able to see the thumbnails instantly! That makes searching SOOOO much quicker and easier. Thanks for the fabulous improvement on the site! - M.C., California
  • I'm sure this stores thing is going to help move a lot of old stock, I'm still pretty stunned at how well it's doing, and I've moved some more stuff over. - K.L., Pennsylvania
  • Your updated site is FANTASTIC! Great job and all the new added features look great. Thank you! - C.S., Tennessee
  • I love your new web site. Much easier for me to use as a buyer. I haven't explored it fully yet, but will do so in the coming days and hope to purchase a lot more cards than I have in the past. Well done! - E.L., BC Canada
  • Very, VERY nice re-design; great new features and seller programs. I can hardly wait to get to work on putting up some more stuff. - B.M., Maryland
  • Easy to browse, very well thought out, no bugs seen during inaugural visit. Job well done. Look forward to visiting and buying frequently. - L.A., Idaho
  • I recently found your website and am so pleased that there's something else out there besides eBay! Congratulations! I also like the new look to the website--very professional! - E.G., Maryland
  • Just visited your new website and wanted to congratulate you...It is an informative, user friendly site and I will visit often. - R.K., California
  • LOVE IT!! It is so user friendly (even for those of us who are not). Thank you. - C.S.,Texas
  • Congratulations on a great new auction. Your format is exceptionally easy to follow (even for a beginner like me). Your personal touch really helps. - S.M., Iowa
  • You have set up what looks to be a greatly thought through internet auction opportunity. - J.M.
  • Although initially skeptical, I'm now a convert. It's designed to be user friendly. Being able to check a personal block of information is especially convenient. - R.M., Kansas
  • Great site, great formats, great policies. Congratulations on a well thought out and operationally proficient web site. - B.M., Conneticut
  • We're really pleased with the way our auction is going, and the web site has been complimented by our friends. - S.R., Virginia
  • Love your internet auction. Lots of things to bid on. The watch list is a great idea. - B.S., Arizona
  • Your site is just great!!! After coming from another site it is more my speed. I love a lot of the features. I truly am excited about this site. - J.G., Colorado
  • You know the meaning of the word service and (others) haven't got a clue. - L.R., Pennsylvania
  • I can't believe it. I am doing better than I ever imagined possible. Thank you for your help. - M.C., Washington
  • Thank you for providing this site. My gross sales passed far beyond my expectations. May this site last long and prosper. - T.G., Oklahoma
  • I have steered clear on buying in online auctions since such auctions I have found are too time consuming to navigate. - I am happy to find that auction is a notable exception. - A.L., North Carolina
  • You run a most efficient operation. Your system is so much better it's hard to believe anyone would put up with a poor system which entails tons of unnecessary email. - L.R., New York
  • I think you've done a GREAT job upgrading your site. Kudos to you and thanks for providing a legitimate alternative to another site. - K.G., Tennessee

How about giving Playle's a try? Then, you can form your own opinion.