Real Photo Postcard Stamp Boxes

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Campassi, A.(Italy) 1940's known Campassi, A. (Italy) (120) Unknown Dates Cave, J. H. Pre-1907 Chapman, A. H. (British) (242) Unknown Dates
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CIF 1929 Known CKC - Canada 1910-1962 known White Borders CKC - Canada (115) Unknown Dates C. R. Childs Pre-1920
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C. R. Childs Pre-1920, 1912 known C. R. Childs Pre-1920 C. R. Childs (361) Unknown Dates C. R. Childs (368) Unknown Dates
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Clengauer Karte (78) Unknown Dates Co-MoCompany (79) Unknown Dates Co-MoCompany (78) Unknown Dates Colby 1910 (Known)
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Coles Royal Studios (233) Unknown Dates COSMO 1920 (Known) COSMO - Pacific Photo Paper Company (367) Unknown Dates Cosy Verlag (268) Unknown Dates
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(116) Unknown Dates
Crown Studios Squared Corners (51) Unknown Dates Crown Studios Rounded Corners 1913-1929 known CW (?) (258) Unknown Dates
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CYKO 1904-1908 CYKO 1905-1906 CYKO 1904-1920's CYKO 1904-1920's


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See Post Cards Backs for the top portion of real photos where there is no stamp box or a generic stamp box.

Real Photo Stamp Boxes
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