Real Photo Postcard Stamp Boxes

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K (1936 known) K Ltd. 1918-1936 (Known) Kalba (321)  Unknown Dates Karbo Divider - "Real Photo Stamp Box" in place of stamp box - 1909 (Known)
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Karbo (121) Unknown Dates Karbo (213) Unknown Dates Karbo 1908 (Known) Kind 1930's known
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Kingsway 1918 known Kodak 1950-Present Kodak (Australia) (diamonds in corners) 1923 (Known) Kodak (Australia) (+ in corners) (313) Unknown Dates
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Kodak (Mexican) 1927-1928 (Known) Kodak (Mexican) 1927-1928 (Known) Kodak (Mexican) (122) Unknown Dates Kodak Papel Sello 1950s (Mexican)
S262.jpg (7551 bytes) s287.jpg (7898 bytes) S259.jpg (7882 bytes) s030.jpg (973 bytes)
Kodak (S. American) (293) Unknown Dates Kodak (Bromide) Canada
(338) Unknown Dates
Kozas, V. (Greek) (302) Unknown Dates Kruxo 1911-1922 (Known) No stamp box - Name is divider
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Kruxo 1908-1910 (Known) Kruxo (D/B and U/B) Pre-1907-1912 (known) Kruxo (D/B and U/B) Pre-1907-?? Kruxo 1910-1920's
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Kruxo 1908-1920s Kruxo 1910 (Known) LA (123) Unknown Dates Ledermann, P. (314) Unknown Dates
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Letol 1911 (known) Lock. L. (British) (243) Unknown Dates


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Unknown Manufacturers

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See Post Cards Backs for the top portion of real photos where there is no stamp box or a generic stamp box.

Real Photo Stamp Boxes
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