Postcard Checklists

Do you have a Postcard Checklist you would like to share with your fellow collectors? We would like to start a library on our site for checklists of Vintage Postcards, to help in the research and study of postcards, and to further the hobby of deltiology (postcard collecting). Any and all checklists - whether arranged by publisher, artist, subject, location, etc., are welcome. They can be partial, or complete. We don't have time to type these ourselves, so they should be emailed to as a Word or text file. We don't want to violate any copyrights, so make sure they are not copyrighted. If they are from a publication, get their permission for us to reprint it on our website. We will attribute the checklist to the original publication (if any) or to the author. If it is already on the Internet, send us link.  Thanks!

Union Oil 76 Postcard Checklist - author Walter R. Kransky (SJPCC)

Advertising Postcards - Coaster Brakes - author Ben Shoemaker

Advertising Postcards - Hobo Joe's Coffee Shops - author Ben Shoemaker

Dwig on Postcards (Artist Clare Victor Dwiggins) - author Ben Shoemaker

Curt Teich Large Letter Postcard Checklist - author Jeff Vorzimmer

Tichnor Large Letter Linen Postcard Checklist - author Jeff Vorzimmer

Ross Verlag Movie Star Postcards - author Mark Goffee